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Dry Cleaning

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Bring your dry cleaning to us!

Well, we don't exactly have a "dry cleaning machine", but unless you are dropping off a suit or garment with special care, most items you drop off to a dry cleaner go in the wash anyway. So if you have shirts, blouses, or other garments you need cleaned and pressed, bring them to Valley Laundry & Cleaners, and we will keep you looking your best without breaking your budget. You will be pleasantly surprised by the very high quality and value you get for your money, with shirt cleaning starting at $7.80! We can clean most of your garments including shirts, pants, skirts, jackets, comforters, sheets, and more!

How We Work

We are located at 4768 S Highway 95 Ste 1 in Fort Mohave, AZ 86426. We have 75 washers and 76 dryers, we have wide aisles to easily accommodate your laundry cart, and we have so much space that we never have problems with people bumping into each other. We have free Wi-Fi and our laundromat is fully air conditioned, so you can trust that you can always do your laundry in comfort. We always have attendants on staff to help you with your laundry and our prices are the absolute lowest in the area!

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